[VIDEO] Steve Scalise Just Got Fauci to Admit Some Very Damning Biden Details Under Oath

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Steve Scalise just uncovered a bombshell that proves just how unbelievably hypocritical the Biden admin really is.

Scalise recently questioned Fauci under oath and uncovered something truly disturbing about Biden and his team.


According to reports, Fauci told Scalise that the Biden administration has been completely ignoring COVID-19 guidance at the border.

That’s right, the policies that we’ve had to suffer through for over a year are somehow not required for the droves of migrants flooding our border.

And Fauci knows this, yet doesn’t call it out publically, like he does with “spring breakers” or sports games.


It’s all political, that’s why.


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This is a big admission from Fauci and really puts into perspective just what a dangerous, partisan administration the Biden’s handlers are running.

It took a lot, but Fauci has finally (and begrudgingly) acknowledged the mess Biden has made at the border, admitting that the detention facilities being packed like sardines isn’t the best idea for COVID.

From The New York Post

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday agreed that packed crowds of children at US-Mexico border facilities would be a “major concern” for spreading COVID-19.

The nation’s top infectious disease expert was shown a photo in a hearing on Capitol Hill of migrant children crowded in a border facility in Donna, Texas.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.), who held up the image, said Border Patrol officials told him the facility had housed 4,000 children packed in together.

Comparing the situation to an overpacked restaurant, Scalise asked if Fauci would consider it a “major concern” if a business was at 250 percent capacity with 4,000 people.


Now, what? Will the media actually do their job and breathlessly report on this like they would if Trump was in office?

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I wouldn’t hold my breath.

But I’m telling you, there’s only one way all of this communist garbage ends here in America – and it won’t turn out well for Dems. This will be the demise of the Democrat Party – it already was – they just cheated their way to victory.

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