[VIDEO] Ted Nugent Went on FB and Stirred the “COVID POT” So Hard, Liberals Won’t Know What to Do…

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Rock legend Ted Nugent has done it again, folks. He’s gone and stirred the COVID pot so much, that liberals literally won’t know where to begin their meltdowns.


The Motor City Madman got up this morning and said he got a great night’s sleep the night before, so he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to let it rip on social media.

And his topic of choice? The Fauci Flu…or as it’s officially called…The dreaded COVID-19. The big “no-no” topic

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Here in the new Communist Amerika, you’re no longer allowed to express your feelings or. thoughts on anything without fear of. being. banned or have your entire life dismantled.

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But apparently, Ted’s not worried about any of that.


Ted began his COVID rant while discussing an upcoming “gig” he has in Waco, Texas.

Apparently, the production companies will not allow any touring or shows at this time.

As a matter of fact, they canceled all of this year’s upcoming shows already.

And that really ticked off Ted, so he went on a rant about COVID-19, and as you can imagine, it was rather EPIC.

(Warning language)

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You can watch the video below (his remarks start around the 1:50 mark):

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Honestly, in a normal society, with emotionally healthy people who don’t have Stage 5 TDS, nothing Ted said would be considered even remotely “controversial.”

It’s common sense stuff and the truth is – this is how most of America feels – yes, we get it, there is a virus, that is true – but it’s been so twisted and politicized at this point, that’s gone beyond just “health and safety” and everyone with half a damn brain knows that.


When you have a so-called “pandemic” but half the country is open and thriving and doing great, and the other half is still in this weird lockdown dystopia, you can’t blame people for thinking something’s up.

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