[VIDEO] This Couple Spotted on a Train Must Be CNN’s #1 Viewers…There’s No Other Explanation

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Do you ever just look at some people and think “what the heck happened in your life to make you this way?”

Well if you haven’t, then this video here certainly will.


This video shows a couple on a train who are both wearing the most over-the-top COVID bubble-boy hats you’ve ever seen.

No literally, they’re wearing an actual bubble over their heads.

This is the point we’ve come to folks…

Watch the video:

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Of course, the comments on this video were absolutely fantastic:

Hopefully they’re just messing with people to make a point…

These poor souls don’t have Jesus 😢
If they did, they wouldn’t fear death.
Let’s pray for them. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

Well, they do have a point…it would be hard to catch an earthly virus when your face is lost in space.

These are the people calling you a “conspiracy theorist”. Lol

Honey please dont stare at them, they identify as goldfish.
….can i have some mommy? Oh no silly goose, those aren’t goldfish crackers.

Yep they would rather be in a bubble than trust people


If this wasn’t some kind of parody and these people are serious, then we really have hit a low as human beings.

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