[VIDEO] Trump Catches Harris Faulkner Off Guard and Zings Her Good…

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You can safely say that there’s no president in history who has better zingers than Donald Trump.

It’s truly an art form for him and one big reason why people love him, and it’s simply because he’s 100% authentic, which is both refreshing and hilarious.


And during this interview with Harris Faulkner, he kept it extremely authentic with this savage response to Harris Faulkner questioning Trump’s input on Biden’s border crisis.

Check it out:

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Of course, Harris followed up by saying they called him due to his statement, but you’ve gotta admit, it was a hilarious response nonetheless.

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Here is a snippet of Trump’s blistering statement, just in case you missed it:

From New York Post

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday ripped the Biden administration for turning the migrant crisis at the southern border into a full-fledged “national disaster.”

In the statement released Sunday evening, Trump also urged President Biden to complete construction of a border wall, and accused the administration of “causing death and human tragedy.”

“In the span of just [a] few weeks, the Biden Administration has turned a national triumph into a national disaster,” Trump said in the statement.

“They are in way over their heads and taking on water fast.”

Thousands of migrants have traveled to the US-Mexico border since Trump left office, forcing the Biden administration to begin housing unaccompanied children who have crossed into the US in migrant facilities.


Trump is currently facing quite a bit of scrutiny from the media for his statement on Biden’s border catastrophe, with many saying, including Faulkner, that his criticism is unusual for a former president.

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Oh really?

Because Obama, Clinton, and Bush have never weighed in on anything political?

Obama and Bush teamed up to attack President Trump regularly, and Slick Willy joined in when he wasn’t hiding from Hillary.

But the bigger point here is that President Trump is not a “usual” President…He’s beyond the typical type of politician if you even want to call him that.

And it should go without saying that the 2020 election was also not the least bit “typical.”

Let’s hope he keeps chiming in. We need that.

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