[VIDEO] US Soldier Knows Exactly What Kamala is Up To … She’s Not Foolin’ Him

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A young man who listed to Kamala’s speech honoring black soldiers who fought the battle of “Bunker Hill,” has a real issue with what she said.


This young man is sick and tired of all the race-baiting, and he told Kamala to shove it…well, he didn’t say exactly those words – but he did tell her to “shove it” in a firm and powerful way.

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The soldier in the video is very frustrated because he says there is not racial division in the military.

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Everyone is a “soldier,” not a color. He says that he’s never one time had any “racial” talk with any other soldier in the military and he wants to keep it that way, so he’d like Kamala to zip her yap.

Ugh. Wouldn’t we all?

But that’s probably never going to happen. She’s Hillary on steroids.

But he makes a good point.


You can watch the video below:

What this young man said got me thinking…the Military doesn’t have these issues…yet.

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That’s why the left is infiltrating the military. That is the last American frontier that hasn’t been ruined by political correctness, racial division, and the rest of the progressive social issues.


So, it only makes sense that they have to infiltrate it…the left is all about power and they will leave no stone unturned.

We must stop them.


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