[VIDEO] USPS Worker Beaten to a Pulp By 2 Women in Flint MI While Crowd Looks On

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These angry ladies gave “going postal” a whole new meaning…only this time it wasn’t the postal worker going bonkers…it was the customers!

Good lord, this postal worker got the pulp beat out of her, and nobody knows why.


Rumors are circulating all over social media that the postal worker was beaten over delayed “stimulus checks.”

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That sounds absurd and I don’t know where that came from, there’s no proof of that anywhere.

To me, the way in which this poor woman was beaten, seems very “personal.”

And what are with these crowds of people – MEN – standing around watching and filming this stuff?


From The Blaze

In stunning video of the attack, two women can be seen pummeling a postal worker for what one bystander says is stimulus checks.

“Bruh, y’all hit the mailman, they trying to get that stimulus!” the bystander can be heard shouting.

The Daily Mail reports, “[Video] [f]ootage shows the two women pounding the postal worker over the back of the head as they wrestle with her in the street, just yards away from a USPS truck which has a badly dented hood.”

Another bystander can be heard saying, “They hit this mail lady car!”

Throughout the video, the two female suspects can be seen relentlessly hitting and kicking the postal worker, who is on the ground. One of the suspects even loses her shoe during the attack.

An elderly woman attempts to intervene at one point during the altercation, but she falters out of apparent fear of getting hurt.

The postal worker eventually frees herself from the women’s attack, and the suspects re-enter their vehicle.

As the women speed away, one of the bystanders can be heard shouting, “Y’all going to jail!”

It is not clear at the time of this reporting what spurred on the attack

Watch the video:

Detective Tyrone Booth said the alleged assault took place about noon, but wouldn’t specify where exactly it happened in the city.

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Officials say they’re still gathering information and can’t share details right now.

They won’t be specific about how many arrests were made either.


No one has been arraigned, so police aren’t releasing any names of suspects.

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Police declined to share the victim’s age, but said “she’s in good condition. She’s fine.”


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