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[VIDEO] Watch Ladies of “The View” Facial Expressions as Biden Tries to Explain Away Accusations of His Inappropriate Touching 

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A video from the start of the Dem primary season is making the rounds again.

It was the time that Biden appeared on “The View” and was asked about all of the women who had come forward to complain about his “inappropriate touching.”

This morning President Trump retweeted this gif image of Biden’s “creepy touching,” with the hashtag #PedoBiden:


But it’s not getting attention for Biden’s weak and bumbling excuses for his disgusting behavior, it’s because of the horrified looks on “The View” host’s faces as he speaks.

As Biden stumbles and tries to make excuses for his behavior, the hosts of “The View” look on stunned.

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Pay close attention to attorney Sunny Hostin, who is now a big Biden surrogate. Her face says it all.

Is she horrified at his lame excuses and weak (fake) apology to women, or the fact that he’s making no sense and can barely get out a sentence?

Maybe a bit of both?

You can watch the video below:

It’s amazing to see all of these women who have pushed the #MeToo garbage for the last two years are now jumping on board to support a man who has a history (most of it caught on video) of groping women.

Look at Alyssa Milano – this woman used the #MeToo movement to try and crucify Justice Kavanaugh, and then she just chucks it all aside and supports this perverted old man who rubs and massages women’s and children’s shoulders and necks, and sniffs their hair, and who is accused of raping a staffer.

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It’s another perfect example of how the left is nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. Their movements mean nothing. They’re just political weapons that they use to serve a purpose and advance a cause and the moment it becomes “inconvenient” they throw it aside and want everyone to just pretend it never existed.

Well, the looks on the faces of “The View” hosts say what their mouths won’t admit –  they’re horrified by creepy Joe Biden…and so is the rest of the country.

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