[VIDEO] Yes, It’s Bad When Joe Bungles Politics – But It’s Sad When He Can’t Keep Family Straight

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I have so many conflicted feelings when it comes to Joe Biden.


On one hand,  I am angry that this career politician, who has spent his life robbing and pillaging the American people for his own gain is now sitting in the White House after a sham election. I’m furious, actually, and scared for our country.

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But, on the other hand, the “human” side of me sometimes feels bad for him – for anyone actually – who is in such decline mentally and physically.

One minute I feel bad for him and think he should be under a blanket in a nursing home, and the next moment I am wishing he was rotting away in a jail cell for all the disgusting things he’s done to this country and the American middle-class, not to mention all the women and young kids he’s preyed on.


And I guess much of that conflict comes from the fact that my grandmother – who died of Alzheimer’s – lived with me and my family for most of my life.

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Joe reminds me a lot of her – semi-lucid at times – and a complete trainwreck at others.

So, I guess that’s why at times it’s a back and forth for me. One minute he’s bumbling, embarrassing Joe, weakening our country, and giving our enemies something to laugh at and exploit and the puppet for a dangerous and radical agenda. The next moment, he’s this sad elderly man, being used and abused by people much smarter and more powerful than he is, and he’s in a situation that he doesn’t fully grasp.

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It’s one thing when Biden gets on the world stage and bungles a political speech – it’s another when he tries to talk about his family – his granddaughter – and he can’t remember if she’s his daughter or granddaughter, and he can’t even describe her one simple accomplishment.

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And that’s precisely what happened during a recent interview, where he tried to get personal and talk about his family.

Joe is so far gone, that he can’t even do that much.

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You can watch the video below:

And I think another frustrating point about Joe, is that we all see what’s happening clear as day, right?

You’d have to be as mentally challenged as Joe, not to see what’s happening here.

But we’re all dragged into this bizarre political theatre, where we have to pretend that this type of behavior is “normal.”

It’s just a “childhood stutter.” 


The wind knocked him over, that’s why he couldn’t walk UP the steps. 

Ever since the 2020 election, the American people feel lied to…and it’s still happening now, every day that this unqualified man is in office – and that’s why when I start feeling bad for old Sleepy Joe, I remember the massive deceit and lies going on, and I get really mad all over again.

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