[VIDEO] You Knew It Was Coming…Judge Jeanine Gets Sweet Revenge on Joy Behar

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Well, you had to know this was coming…


It was only a matter of time before Judge Jeanine dropkicked Joy Behar into another orbit for the nasty comments she made against the Fox News host.

And here it is…Judge Jeanine’s sweet revenge.

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Judge Jeanine blasted “The View” co-host Joy Behar on Saturday for smearing her with lies about the border and migrant kids.

All the hub-bub started when Judge Jeanine appeared on Fox News’ “The Five.”

She described some of what she’d heard when she recently traveled to the border. She talked about one sheriff who warned that children were being brought in by cartels for a life of “modern-day slavery.”

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And after that appearance, fake news peddlers Media Matters twisted the story, and junk news shows like “The View” blasted it out to millions of people. Joy Behar attacked Judge Jeanine as if the vile comments were actually true.

Here’s what Joy said:

“You should be ashamed of yourself. We’re going into some weird territory here when you say something about another human being like that. Jeanine, I used to know you. I used to like you. What the hell is going on with you, Jeanine, that you would say such a thing about human children?”

Well, Judge Jeanine wasn’t happy about the fake news smear job, and she dropkicked Joy Behar into oblivion.


You can watch the video below:

The propaganda and lies that come from the left are what’s actually tearing this country apart.

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The same thing they did to Judge Jeanine is what they did to President Trump for 4 years. with all the half-truths and twisted words.


Yet, oddly enough, nobody seems to “fact check” the people who are spreading these disgusting smears and lies to millions of Americans.

The “very fine people” hoax is still peddled to this day by Joe Biden, and you never see the fact-checkers say anything.

I wonder why that is?… We know why, and it’s disgusting.

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