Wait Until You See This Doozy “Swamp Deal” Manchin and Biden Just Cooked Up…

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The amazing thing about the DC swamp is that they’re so emboldened and sure of their power and greed, that they don’t even hide it anymore.


It’s sickening to see.

Almost makes you long for the days when they did hide stuff and nobody had a clue this sickness and disease was eating away at our government.

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Truth be told, so many have known for so long, but those people were shunned and dismissed as “anti-government kooks.”

Boy, we owe them a big apology, right?

And trust me, this latest move by Joe Manchin and Joe Biden’s handlers is a picture-perfect Swampy move.

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As you know, Manchin has been a bit of a thorn in Biden’s side – after all, Manchin represents ‘Trump Country” in his state, even though he’s a Democrat.

Well, Manchin has likely been stepping too far out of line and has to be reeled back in…and now the “swamp deals” start…and this one is a doozy.


Guess who’s wife will now have a “prominent role” as a “key member” in Biden’s administration??

Yep…You guessed it.

Manchin…Perfect timing…right as the fillibuster talk heats up.

What a bunch of self-serving scum buckets.

So, now that this happened, you can bet that Manchin, who was one of the only somewhat “sensible” lines of defense from the left who would occasionally stand against Biden’s radical policies, will now pave the way for Biden to do whatever the hell he wants.

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And I sincerely hope that the good people of West Virginia are watching and will boot this clown from office and put someone in that seat who will fight for all Americans…not just their wives.


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