Watch: Everything in Biden’s Admin is a Facade…Check Out Mayor Pete’s “Bike Stunt”

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Do you get the feeling that you’re in the Twilight Zone, watching The Truman Show, while the Great Oz pulls levers behind a giant curtain?


Of course you do – we all feel that way because this so-called “Biden presidency” is all political theatre and propaganda.

There is nothing “organic” or natural about what we’re all witnessing – how could it be? Nobody will ever convince me that the American people, who soundly rejected Obama’s “third term” in 2o16, had some bizarre change of heart and wanted to return to those failed policies. Yet, here we are.

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And the political theatre just keeps rolling on…this time by way of “Mayor Pete,” the new Transportation Secretay, who was busted pulling off quite the “bike stunt.”

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It appears, from this video, which looks like it was shot behind some bushes, that Mayor Pete is pulling a fast one on Americans.

It would seem that he wants it to “appear” as if he’s “biking” to work to save energy and look like Mr. Green New Deal guy, when in fact, his security detail looks to be dropping him off near work, with his bike.


Does he just hop on his bicycle and ride a short distance away, with his little helmet on, and suit jacket flapping in the wind?

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You can watch the video below:

Woke Americans see this “dog and pony” show and clap like seals, and say “look, little Pete is saving the environment!”


When in actuality, Little Pete’s carbon footprint is the size of Sasquatch.

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