Watch: Jen Can’t Explain Why Migrants Get Hotels and National Guard Got “Garage Floors”

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In case you didn’t realize it, Democrats don’t care about you or me.


They don’t care about “Americans” in general. They know that their low-info/victimhood voters will support them no matter how much they are neglected and abused.

Dems have the lazy/gullible American vote locked up so they don’t need to cater to them.

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That leaves Dems time to cater to their new voting block…The illegal aliens.

That’s why Dems will happily allow American National Guardsmen to sleep on the floors of a garage while using taxpayer dollars to house illegal aliens in hotel rooms.

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And that’s why Jen struggles to explain this mess…she gives a “word salad” explanation that doesn’t cut the mustard, at all.

Jen can’t explain why they did this because the only real answer would be: “We hate anyone who doesn’t vote for us,” and she won’t say that…yet.

You can watch the video below:


Jen’s flimsy excuse is that when they realized the Guard was sleeping on the floor, they tried to fix it…

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Dems pre-plan everything for illegal aliens but ignore the needs of the heroes who are protecting them.


That says everything you need to know about the Democrat Party and how absolutely “America Last” they truly are.


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