Watch: Look What’s Falling Out Of Biden’s Suitcase, In Hilarious Air Force One “Stair” Video 

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Watching Joe Biden go up the stairs of Air Force One has become an American pastime.


Just like baseball – America’s former pastime – we now hold our breath and watch in anticipation as the so-called “president” makes his way up the signature red stairs…will he fall on his face? Can he make it to the top without sliding back down?

We’re all on the edge of our seats!

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But in all seriousness, everyone is hawking Biden every time he tackles those stairs after that catastrophe where he fell UP the stairs three times. And his latest trek up the stairs, on a rainy day, was a real nail-biter.

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Biden was holding an umbrella and a “sachel” while he very gingerly made his way up the stairs (no fake “jogging” this time)…But ya gotta wonder, why are his handers loading him up with all these objects? An umbrella AND a little sachel? It’s almost as if they want him to fall…

Come on, man…


Biden actually did stumble as he went up the stairs this time as well, but he caught himself before he went down like a sack of hammers.

But what’s with the little suitcase he’s carrying?

Well, one Twitter user thinks he may have solved the mystery of Joe’s little bag…and it’s probably the funniest – yet most accurate – video you’ll see today.

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Watch what comes flowing out of Joe’s little “bribe bag” as he makes his way up the stairs.


You can watch the video below:

And yes, before CNN sends the fact-checkers after me, this is an EDITED video.

It’s not real CNN…it’s called a “parody.” Please, don’t throw me in jail for posting it.


Honestly, though, you really gotta love and appreciate the creativity that Trump supporters have because this video was great.


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