Watch: Video of Maxine Waters Warmly Embracing Louis Farrakhan Comes Back to Haunt Her

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On Good Friday, a young man by the name of Noah Green attacked the Capitol.


He used his car as a weapon, just like so many Islamic terrorists have done in the past, and he killed one Capitol police officer and injured another.

He was also armed with a machete-style knife – something else we often see in Islamic terror attacks.

However, after just an hour or so, the Feds advised all of us that this was not a “terror attack.”

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This is rather perplexing since Mr. Green was an avid follower of Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam – and he did, after all, attack the “US government.”

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Authorities have given no other motive for the attack and killing at this time – they’re probably still “cooking one up.”

However, Mr. Green’s obsession with controversial Islamic leader Louis Farrakhan has come under great scrutiny.

Farrakhan is a man well-known for his racist and violent remarks – and he’s also a Democrat, who hobnobs with party leaders like Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Bill Clinton.


And speaking of hobnobbing – a video clip of Dem leader Maxine Waters warmly embracing the hateful leader has just resurfaced to haunt her.

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You can watch the video below:

Ironically, the Party who is all about “protecting the Capitol” is oddly silent today about this attack.


Will Maxine Waters step up and do the right thing for the country and denounce her good friend Louis Farrakhan and condemn the violence, hate, and division that he spreads?

Probably not.

Because in Joe Biden’s America, the only “real threats” to this country are people who voted for President Trump.

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