Watch What Ted Cruz Does to Liberal Reporter Who Tells Him to “Wear a Mask” During Presser

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Ted Cruz is an absolute legend.

If there’s one person who’s almost as good with the “comebacks” as Trump, it would be Senator Cruz.


He really hits the nail on the head every time, and this time was no exception.

During a recent presser, a snarky reporter told Ted Cruz to wear a mask, to which Cruz said no.

But it was even better than that.

The two sparred a bit, and ultimately, Ted told the reporter that he was welcome to step back six feet.

Ted also reminded the wimpy reporter that everyone there had been vaccinated.

Watch the video:

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Absolutely hilarious right?

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Users in Twitter also agreed that this was one heck of a comeback for Cruz:

Common sense always wins the day and Cruz has loads of it. I bet the same reporter would never call Joe out when he forgets to wear his mask. #doublestandards

A perfect example where the left can’t help but show off their ideological defining virtue signaling characteristic .

Love the way he responded them.

Good for him! If people feel unsafe they should protect themselves by not attending such functions or stay home!

Who are these mask crazies? Where is the data for pushing these masks this hard? As a long time nurse, we were always taught masks don’t work in the public. I blame the medical people and the media. They don’t know what they’ve done by politicizing our healthcare. Slow clap.

Also I saw this version and thought you’d love it.


I bet this reporter has gotta feel like a real schmuck.

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There’s nothing worse than trying to school someone and making an absolute idiot out of yourself because you were desperately trying to virtue signaling.

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