Super Weenie owner plans to open convenience store in Downtown Charleston, West Virginia

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Three years after the pandemic, local restaurants are still dealing with the after-effects. Some are even making changes to stay a float.

Super Weenie, which is located on Quarrier Street in downtown Charleston, is looking to expand its business to bring in more customers, according to the owner Jason Myer.

For over five years, the restaurant has been well-known for selling specialty hot dogs, but Myer said he’ll soon be opening a convenience store right next door.

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“I just need to make this work, not just for me, but for everybody who has helped me hang on to my little tiny hot dog shop through all of this,” Myer said.

Super Weenie Owner puts up sign on door next door, announcing convenience store. (Photo Credit: WOWK 13 News Reporter Rachel Pellegrino)

During the pandemic, Myer said Super Weenie’s hours were cut in order to remain operational. That, however, was not enough.

“I shrunk the hours and still saw the same amount of people, had the amount of sales in three days that I did in five days,” he said. “So, by shrinking the hours I was able to keep the business treading water long enough to get to this point.”

Once the spot opened up next door, he realized a convenience store would be his only lifeline to save the hot dog shop. He said that would be better than adding seating, because it’s something downtown Charleston needs.

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“Charleston needs some place that is more focused on daily needs, fast convenience, and grab and go,” Myer said. “I want to be able to provide things for people who are downtown for an event, and I want to be able to provide daily need items for people who are working, and I want to be able to provide at least basic grocery service for people who have moved downtown.”

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As for what the new store will look like, that’s still a secret. Currently, the windows and door of the convenience store are covered, but Myer said updates will be posted on Super Weenie’s Facebook Page.

Myer is hoping the convenience store will be ready to open in six weeks.

As reported by West Virginia News