We’ve Got Tweets From All The Liberals Who Claimed CO Shooter was a “White Trump Supporter”

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Identity politics is raging, thanks to the left.


A tragedy can’t occur nowadays unless it’s got a political spin to it. That’s what this country has become, thanks to liberals and our despicable media who work overtime to keep everyone divided and at odds.

Instead of calling out mental illness, like in the case of the Atlanta spa killer, liberals twist themselves into a pretzel to make it about President Trump.

In reality, that was a disturbed man who had a porn obsession and killed innocent people because of it.

It has absolutely nothing to do with President Trump or his supporters.

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And the same thing happened with the recent tragic shooting at a Colorado grocery store.

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Before the man’s name was even released, liberal writers and celebrities on Twitter were calling him out as a “white” MAGA supporter.

Well, turns out he’s a Syrian Muslim man with reported “ISIS sympathies.”


I came across a Twitter thread that listed all of the liberals who claimed the shooter was either “white” or a “Trump supporter,” and it’s shocking and sick to see this type of behavior.

Here are some highlights:

We can thank the Dems and the media for this divisiveness.

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They’ve been stoking the fires of division and racism for decades now and what we’re seeing now is the fruits of their labor.


The real issue here is mental illness, and apparently, terrorism – and the only political question at this point should be: is ISIS making a comeback under Joe Biden?

That’s the real issue that should have everyone in the world concerned.

Not some silly banter meant to demean a certain race or political belief.


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