What WH Just Did to Cover For Joe’s Latest Embarrassing Blunder Would Get Trump Impeached

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The handlers are working overtime to cover for Joe’s blunders.


From “childhood stutters” to “wind gusts” blowing him over, this has to be the hardest gig in town.

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There’s no end to the ridiculous excuses these people will come up with to make Joe seem like this beloved, amazing politician who 82+ million people elected into office.

But, the handlers are running into a lot of snags along the way, because as we all know by now, Joe is not the “beloved/adored” politician we were told he is.

This buffoon is making blunder upon blunder, and the Biden clean-up crew is now doing the unthinkable to cover his tracks…and what do I mean by “unthinkable”?


Well, now they’re actually altering official WH documents to eliminate his mistakes…and if President Trump did something like this, he would have been impeached in a heartbeat.

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What happened now?

Joe called a world-leader by the wrong name.

Of course he did. This man can’t tell the difference between his own wife and sister – so do we really expect him to know who world leaders are?

The WH went in and altered the official document to remove any mention of Joe’s blunder.

From Western Journal

On Thursday, many members of the establishment media generously acknowledged President Joe Biden managed to speak to reporters for a whole, entire hour after putting off such an event for 65 days, the longest a president had done so in generations.

Biden indeed managed this feat, as well as quite a few relatively coherent answers to the carefully selected questions he seemed to be very well-prepared to answer.

However, even the friendliest of reporters and commentators couldn’t help but notice his many gaffes and mistruths, the odd reliance on notes, the cards directing him which reporters to respond to, and at least one viral moment in which he seemed to briefly completely forget what he was talking about and abandon an unfinished thought completely.

So it is rather surprising that the White House appears to have inaccurately quoted Biden in its transcript of the event after the POTUS mixed up the names of the president of Afghanistan and the former leader of the Pakistani military.

You’d think they’d be flying pretty low right now with all the friendly fire from the media, but no.

Apparently, editing out Biden’s embarrassing factual errors as the administration is being accused of a lack of transparency seemed like a good call to these people.

It’s not just fixing the blunder that’s the issue here, folks.

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It goes much deeper than that.

This is a WH altering the truth about Joe’s mental issues to try and keep up this facade to the world that Biden is a “strong and capable” leader.

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He is neither of those things.

And America and the world knows it.


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