Widow of Randolph Street quadruple murder victim struggles to overcome anger

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INDIANAPOLIS — Renee and Anthony Johnson had just planned a Florida vacation together March 12th to mark their two year wedding anniversary.

“I don’t why but Anthony loved alligators,” said Renee, “and that’s why he was so excited to go on this vacation.”

24 hours later, Anthony Johnson was dead, shot to death with three other people allegedly by Malik Halfacre inside a home in the 300 block of North Randolph Street in an argument over a $1400 government stimulus check.

Johnson’s widow Renee is now left to struggle with the senseless act of violence that took the love of her life.

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“I couldn’t believe it.  I couldn’t believe that’s what happened. I couldn’t believe he wanted to do that over some money, for a check. I kept saying, there has to be more to it. I just can’t believe that.”

Killed along with Johnson were Tomeeka Moore, her son Daquan and granddaughter Eve.

Johnson died because he decided to visit his cousins that Saturday night.

“Whenever he had free time he always wanted to go see how people were doing and see how his family was doing,” said Renee.

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Johnson’s funeral will be Monday at These are They Church on the city’s east side.

Renee said that’s the church the couple was attending when they met five years ago, and it seems fitting to hold Anthony’s funeral there.

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