Wild temperature ride entering April; coldest open to an April in 29 years

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This was the BRIGHTEST day in over a week in central Indiana, and it was welcomed after a dreary Sunday. This March has produced five days this clear, however, after a very sunny start, the month took a cloudy turn.

We are currently below normal sunshine for the month to date, and 14 of the last 15 months have been below normal sunshine production.

We are expecting more sun Tuesday.


Our temperatures are taking another turn, and the turns recently have been sharp! After the warmest day of 2021 on Saturday, the temperature slumped to a low Monday morning of 29-degrees in Indianapolis, the coldest morning in a week.

We are not done with the weather whiplash as more swings are coming over the next 48 to 72 hours.

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Temperatures recovered to a more seasonal feel Monday under bright, sunny skies. By late afternoon, we were nearing 60°, a full 12-degree warmer than Sunday afternoon.

The skies will be clear overnight, but we only cool to near 40-degrees by daybreak Tuesday as a warm front surges through the state.

Temperatures will surge again Tuesday on gusty southwest winds to the fourth 70° day of the year. It will once again feel more like May with abundant sunshine, however, it will not last.

Clouds are due in late day with a growing threat for showers by or just after sunset. A new and stronger cold front is on the way.

Showers will grow to nearly 70% coverage by midnight Wednesday as a cold front nears. A sharp shift in winds will signal the warmup is over, and much colder air will begin filtering into the state starting Wednesday morning.

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Rain chances will lower along with the temperatures again Wednesday, falling into the 40s by early morning and never recovering. With enough cold air moving in, there could be a few snow flurries develop as some lingering moisture interacts with the colder temperatures.

Eventually, drier air will move in, but the temperatures are set to fall into the low-to-mid 20s Thursday morning and not recover much by afternoon. We are forecasting a high Thursday of only 42-degrees marking the coldest open to an April in 29 years and among the coldest 12% of April 1st’s on record.

A gradual warmup is in the works, and after a few cold days that could even include some outlying areas in the teens early Friday morning, the weekend is set to warm nicely to near 70° again by Sunday.

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