WIN: Florida State University Cancels Racist Class Bashing White Women After Push Back

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A racist anti-white class that was being offered at Florida State University has been cancelled after receiving significant pushback.

The class was planning to focus on the “History of Karen” and attack white women. The term “Karen” has been widely used as a slur against your average, every day, white woman.

A flyer for the class, which was set to be hosted by Dr. Meghan Martinez, featured women of the Ku Klux Klan.

The flyer, first reported by Campus Reform, also featured a quote from New York Times columnist Charles Blow.

“The activation of white terror is a white woman’s soft power,” the quote reads. “We like to masculinize white supremacy, to presume it reeks of testosterone, when in fact, it is just as likely to be spritzed by perfume.”

Following the Gateway Pundit’s report on the class, Preston R. Scott, host of The Morning Show with Preston Scott, reached out to FSU President John Thrasher with concern, as they know each other.

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Scott wrote:

  1. Dr. Meghan Martinez is being allowed to offer a Summer C course entitled “The History of Karen: Weaponizing White Womanhood”
    1. Is this appropriate use of taxpayer dollars for a public university to offer a course with an obvious slant of hate, divisiveness, and bigotry?
    2. Who approves such course offerings?
    3. Would an alternative type of course offering which would be blatantly offensive to blacks or any other group be allowed?
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In response, the office wrote to Scott saying that “the course has been withdrawn and will not be offered.”

Finally, a win for the good guys.

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