“Woke” Delta CEO Just Landed Himself in More Hot Water

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The CEO of Delta wants you to know that the GA “Voter ID” law doesn’t represent Delta’s values.

Great, thanks for letting us know.


But why do we care what an airline thinks about politics or a voter ID law?

Corporations are getting as bad as sports teams, butting their noses into everything that doesn’t concern them.

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The real kicker here though is that this CEO is so offended by “voter ID,” yet, you need to show an ID (sometimes several times) to get on a Delta plane.

Can you say, hypocrite?

This guy is just digging his hole deeper and deeper by the day.

From Western Journal

The CEO of Delta Air Lines came out swinging on Wednesday against Georgia’s allegedly racist new election security law, but neglected to mention that his airline has never once fought the federal government with regard to requiring that his airline’s passengers prove their identities.

Under federal regulations, you can’t get on a Delta flight — or any flight — without proper identification. Delta CEO Ed Bastian didn’t mention that when he issued a memo involving his company in the left’s racially charged identity politics to attack Georgians.

Bastian simply spewed nonsense, repeating Democratic Party talking points with regard to claiming that the idea that voters ought to prove they are who they say they are is essentially an act of racist voter suppression.

“Last week, the Georgia legislature passed a sweeping voting reform act that could make it harder for many Georgians, particularly those in our Black and Brown communities, to exercise their right to vote,” Bastian wrote in a memo to his employees, CNBC reported.

“Since the bill’s inception, Delta joined other major Atlanta corporations to work closely with elected officials from both parties, to try and remove some of the most egregious measures from the bill,” Bastian continued. “We had some success in eliminating the most suppressive tactics that some had proposed.

“However, I need to make it crystal clear that the final bill is unacceptable and does not match Delta’s values.”

The apparently “woke” CEO just had to let the world know that a company, which is tasked simply with getting passengers safely from point A to point B, isn’t pleased with how Georgia intends to secure its elections.

Maybe it’s time for Americans to do to Delta what they did to the NBA, NFL, and Hollywood award shows, and find another way to travel.

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We don’t do ourselves any favors by giving our hard-earned money to these “woke” idiots.

All we do is shoot ourselves in the foot.

It’s time to take a stand again, patriots. You know what to do.

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