Younger Hoosiers respond to COVID-19 vaccine eligibility

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INDIANAPOLIS — Now that vaccine eligibility has increased to all adults 16 and up, it gives some younger Hoosiers the chance they’ve been waiting for. 

That includes those in the food service industry. Many have been serving people the entire pandemic without the protection of the vaccine. 

Amanda Drozd with Amelia’s Bread says the food industry has been hit hard staying open to serve others and many of them haven’t had the chance to get vaccinated until now. 

“Cause it is a younger crowd that’s working in the food industry. You don’t have many 60 plus people behind the chef line, or serving you some coffee in the morning,” said Drozd. 

“So, it’s been super interesting, but I love hearing all my friends and family being able to get vaccinated before me.” 

Drozd is 31, so technically she’s been eligible since Monday, but she says this is something she’s been waiting a while for. 

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“I figured I probably wouldn’t get vaccinated until I don’t know, the summertime. Not because I didn’t want to, but I feel like there’s a lot more people in need.” 

District Tap Downtown server Alli Eli, says she does plan on getting it, but she’s not in a rush because she’s healthy and has no pre-existing conditions. 

“I’m going to hold off a few weeks. I’m healthy. I’m going to let other people who may need it more than I do. I’m only 26 so I am younger on the list. But eventually, yes,” said Eli. 

She says she decided she would get it because out of everyone she knows who has already gotten it, none of them have had any adverse reactions. 

“I do think it’s important. Not a lot of people here have really gotten it, thankfully. But I do know some friends who work in other restaurants who’ve gotten it. So, I do think it’s important, but I’m not stressed that we weren’t high on the priority list.” 

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Greg Holmes-Brown, a host at the District Tap Downtown, says even though he’s been working through everything, he didn’t mind waiting because he knows those in front of him needed it more. 

“I figured that the people who should get it first are people who are at risk, and people who are older. Me being younger, and not really in an at-risk position,” said Holmes-Brown. 

He says his restaurant has been enforcing masks and social distancing, so he hasn’t been worried, but he does plan on getting the vaccine. Although he understands it’s not for everyone. 

“I don’t think you should do anything that you don’t feel comfortable doing. I think you should consult with your doctor and everything before taking any kind of medications,” said Holmes-Brown. 

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“I’m going to be interacting with a lot of people and it’d be best for me not to expose myself.” 

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